Do you want to pursue higher education’s in Denmark but wondering about the money?

If you are unable to afford study aboard programs the government of Denmark and universities of Denmark provide scholarship programs, grants, and/or financial aid, fellowship, for both national and international students to make your dreams come true in real life.

Denmark is one of the popular destinations to pursue higher education in Europe countries for international students. In the country, one can find a diverse culture settled deep within Nordic custom.

Denmark offers scholarship programs and financial aids for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate student are from both national and international students. It provides funds to various disciplines such as business and management, engineering, law, medical, arts, music as well as sports. This will help you complete your higher education in the country.

Denmark Government Scholarships for International Students

The Danish government provides scholarship facilities to highly qualified and motivated international students are from worldwide to pursue their higher education in Denmark. Therefore each year by the Danish ministry of education offers funds to Non-EU students.

The Danish government scholarship is divided into 2 parts like full and partial grants towards covering living of cost in the country. Scholarship programs Eligible only for full-time higher education courses. The scholarship opportunities are limited for international students.

Deadline for Danish government scholarship can be varies depending on the university and study programs. Usually, the deadline falls around March-April for entry in September and for February entry deadline falls around September-October.

The lists of government scholarship for international students are mentioned below:

  • The Erasmus Mundus Programmes: This scholarship opportunity for both national and international students. It is offered to joint postgraduate degree courses by a Danish institution and other European universities.
  • Scholarships from the Danish government, Cultural Agreements: It is mainly aimed to highly qualified exchange students and young researchers who want to study cultural studies or other fields related to Denmark such as design, architecture, and environmental studies.
  • The scholarship for highly qualified non-EU/EEA students from Danish government: This program offered by the higher education institutions which have limited number government scholarship each year to highly qualified full-time degree students from non-EU/EEA countries and Switzerland.
  • The Danish State Educational Support (SU): Are offers to international students who are resident in the country. It is a limited period residence permit in Denmark due to education. The scholarship is regulated by the Danish institution of higher educations.
  • Danish Innovation Scholarship: It is full funding scholarship program of international students offered by the government of Denmark. This program is applicable for few countries like Brazil, India, China, South Korea, USA, and Japan. It is for postgraduate a student who wants to pursue courses in the fields of Natural, Environmental and Health Sciences, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation.
  • Danish Diabetes Academy Postdoctoral: it is full fund scholarship program for international students by the government of Denmark. It is open to all nationals and it is for those who want to pursue a postdoctoral degree in diabetes and metabolism.

Scholarships for International Students from Denmark Universities

The Universities of Denmark offers scholarship programs to international students for those who enrol in their universities, or on the basis of any competitive performances or academic excellence some of the most prominent are mentioned below:

  • Scholarship for state tuition fee waiver from Roskilde University: it provides a limited number of scholarship opportunities to highly talented students are graduate level for both national and international student which comes in the form of tuition fee waiver and to cover the cost of living expenses in the country.
  • Scholarship for Master of Science applicants from IT University of Copenhagen: It is for only three or four exceptionally talented postgraduate full-time degrees in science applicants for both international students which include free tuition and to cover the cost of living expenses in the country.
  • Scholarship from university college of Northern Denmark: it has few scholarship opportunities for international students who are enrolled to study degree programs at UCN which covers around 30-50% of their tuition fees and also few months’ costs of living expenses in the country.
  • Scholarship from Aarhus University: it has a limited number of Scholarships funded by the Danish state for highly qualified international student applicants for 2 years master degree programs in the institution. This includes a full tuition waiver and a monthly scholarship for a maximum of 23 months for the duration of the course.


 To apply for Scholarship one will need a few documents:

  • An original or certified copy of the academic transcript of Bachelor degree. If the transcript is in another language than English or a Scandinavian language, it will be required to provide an official English translation.
  • A certified copy of the Bachelor diploma. In case if the degree is not yet completed, one should provide a letter from the university stating the planned award date.
  • Descriptions of courses undertaken in Bachelor degree relevant to the programme that one is applying for.
  • An up-to-date version of the CV.
  • A photocopy of passport which is used to determine the fee status.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency.



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