Study In Germany For Free

Study In Germany For Free

Story 1


Look at the interesting conversation between three friends Jay, Vijay & Rannvijay


Jay: I have been thinking lately about studying abroad for my higher education.

Vijay: Awesome! Last week 3 of my friends flew abroad for their Masters.

Rannvijay: Jay, that’s interesting but where do you wish to pursue your masters?


Jay: It has been over a month that I have been thinking about the same and finally I have decided to pursue it from USA or UK.

Vijay: Dude, why USA or UK? Everyone is going to Europe lately.

Rannvijay: What Vijay says is true Jay! Given the gravity on the costs involved for the higher education in USA or UK, It is a far better deal to study in European universities.


Jay: But guys, if you look at worlds best-ranked universities list, you’d understand why UK universities or US are better than any other European university.

Vijay: True that! Have you tried understanding the reasons why European universities are on the rise? Especially German?

Rannvijay: One reason is many students have started thinking they do not wish to shell out a lot of money. The higher the money they shell out the bigger the risk they run into.


Vijay: In addition to that, European universities offer the same kind of exposure to the international community may be not as gigantic as US or Canada.

Jay: Quality of education, research, endowments, also matter a lot. Universities in the west are far superior to that of European or any Asian at least in these three areas.

Rannvijay: That’s debatable Jay! Also, just because the ranking of the university is higher doesn’t mean that all the courses offered at the same university are very good. Likewise, there are so many universities that do not even show up in ranking list yet the courses taught are phenomenal.


Vijay: Yeah! My seniors were just saying that every individual who studied in these free universities in Germany got jobs eventually after completion of masters if not immediately.

Jay: I sense the shift in tectonic plates underneath my feet!! After listening to you two, Germany looks good to me!


Story 2


Once upon a time there lived a boy by name Jaggu, he was the first generation kid to ever step into school in his family. He joined a government-aided school in his hometown. All his cousins had entered private schools where the tuition fees were so high that Jaggu’s father couldn’t afford. These cousins would leave no stone unturned to make fun of Jaggu in every get together ceremonies or family functions. He started to hate his cousins and often found cousins’ taunts humiliating. But, there he was, absolutely helpless could do nothing to give his cousins back and therefore he decided to perform better at academics so that they stop speaking ill of him.

Jaggu embraced education wholeheartedly and therefore his performance in his exams was always above par and so were his grades. The way he started showing interest in academics, his overall growth was inevitable; as a result, he was bestowed scholarship the first time to finish his higher secondary schooling. The news was spread in his family that Jaggu got scholarships to study further. His rich cousins still made fun of him and never appreciated his efforts.

Jaggu was so excited that studying well could get him scholarships to study at esteemed institutions too. He just had stopped caring about others’ comments and critics that a sad demise struck his life. His father passed away, he was so devastated at that moment the sole breadwinner was no more there to take care of the basic necessities at home. He was then more focused than he was ever before. Although he got admissions into one of the premiere institute of India for his Bachelors in Engineering, he chose not to join instead he joined a regular college where he could find scholarships to study and at the same time intern and work part time in the relevant domain.

Besides maintaining good grades Jaggu also started building his profile around the practical aspects of his education. He participated in internal college competitions, took part in projects and attended several national and international conferences. He also won awards, certificates and due recognition across the platforms. He also started to assist his professor in conducting research where he truly found his interest.

When Jaggu reached his final year just like any other student in his college he was concerned about getting a full time job. He consulted his professor about how to choose the right company for his job prospects. At that time, professor said – “A talent like you must pursue masters and then PhD in a top class research institute. I personally have experienced German education first hand and I can vouch for the quality of public institutions. I will write a recommendation letter for you and do not worry about the tuition fees to study in Germany.”




Germany as a country has helped not just Jaggu but like him hundreds and thousands of Jaggus to make their dream a reality by offering free education. This magnificent country has been a host to over 350000 international students in the year 2019.


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