There are huge options available for MBBS graduates from India to pursue further education in foreign countries. Here we would like to present you with a clear view of what you should do to pursue further education from Australia after completing your MBBS from India.

Why Australia?

Now, the question is that, why Australia, and no other country?

Australia undoubtedly is the most favorite and the popular destination of international students for Medicine. Australia’s medical degree is accepted worldwide, even in India, a graduate in Medicine from Australia can practice in India.

Medical study in Australia is also cheaper compared to the US & UK, at the same time it is not lower to them in quality. Yes! Australian Medical universities have adopted a problem-based learning method and integrating medical science and clinical disciplines to ensure optimum learning experience.

Can I study in Australia further with my MBBS degree from India?

Actually, Indian Medical Degree is not recognized in Australia and other developed countries. But still, Australia has provisions for all international students to study there. Hence Australia has proposed a set of standardized tests and assessments to see the eligibility of the students to study there. Hence Indian students need not worry about whether their degree would be recognized or not. Instead, concentrate on the exams that they Australia have set for identifying the eligibility.

What is the procedure?

As an International student you need to come across a list of procedures to continue your education in Australia, they can be plainly listed as follows (in order):

  1. Verification of the Qualification
  2. Choosing the Standard Pathway
  3. Taking up AMC CAT Examination for Standard Pathway
  • AMC – MCQ Examination
  • AMC – Clinical Examination
  1. Clearing the examinations and receiving the AMC Certificate
  2. Securing an employment offer/Applying for RMO
  3. Applying for provisional registration
  4. 12 months of supervised practice
  5. General/Permanent registration

Now let’s see the procedure to do Post graduation in Medicine in Australia, particularly for Indian MBBS graduates in detail.

  1. First of everything, as an international student willing to study in Australia get your medical qualifications verified by Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) through Electronic Portfolio of International Credentials (EPIC) by creating an EPIC account and Australian Medical Council (AMC) account.
  2. Medical students from India, who haven’t studied MBBS in Australia or New Zealand, are to choose their pathway through AMC for further assessments and to study in Australia. There are three assessment pathways, namely: Competent Authority Pathway, Standard Pathway & Specialist Pathway.
  3. For the Standard Pathway, a student has to clear two tests organized by AMC, namely: MCQ and Clinical Examination, to prove their eligibility to study medicine in Australia.
  • AMC MCQ Examination:

The AMC MCQ Examination is fully integrated and computer-administered multiple choice question examination. This exam tests the student’s medical knowledge from all medical specialties. Clearing this examination leads to the AMC Clinical Examination.

  • AMC Clinical Examination

The AMC Clinical Examination is a structured multidisciplinary and integrated clinical assessment that consists of 16 component multi-station assessment. This exam assesses the student’s clinical skills in various areas namely: medicine, surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, and psychiatry and other abilities such as, the ability to communicate with patients, their families, and other health workers.

  • English Language Proficiency

For these assessments and all registration categories, international students need to provide proof of their English Language Proficiency to the Medical Board of Australia. It is advised that the students who are applying under any of the assessment pathways make prior arrangements for obtaining the language proficiency proof.

The Medical Board of Australia accepts the certificates from the following language ability testing boards: IELTS, OET, TOEFL- iBT, Pearson, NZREX (medical only), & PLAB (medical only).

  1. Successful completion of these tests makes the graduates in medicine from foreign countries equivalent to an Australian medical graduate and AMC certificate will be issued.
  2. After receiving the AMC certificate one needs to apply for provisional registration, but before which he or she has to possess a job offer from an Australian Medical School. For which the Resident Medical Officer (RMO) application has to be submitted. Following the application, you will be called for an interview for a job, called Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI). The job serves as a substitute for a 1-year compulsory rotating internship in Australia to obtain AMC general or permanent registration.
  3. With general registration, international students can apply for any medical specialist training positions or post graduation programs in Australia.

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