MS in Mechanical Engineering In Germany

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Have you heard of the stereotype phrases?

 “Germany is the mecca for Mechanical Engineers”

“Germany is the land for Mechanical Engineers”

“Germans are not humans but engineers”

Best one:

“In Germany if you throw a stone against the gravity, it will hit a mechanical engineer”

It is true, stereotypes are not completely right but they exist for some reason at least.

The education system took years and decades in Germany to reach to the stature it is today. After several amendments to the Structure, Study Programs and the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, the Professors, Academic staff and the students are in place to make this country third most sought after for higher education.

Which are the best universities for MS in mechanical Engineering in Germany?

  1. RWTH Aachen
  2. Berlin Institute Of Technology
  3. Freiberg University
  4. University of Wuppertal
  5. University of Siegen
  6. Ravensburg Weingarten University
  7. University of Applied Sciences, Ingolstadt
  8. Technical University of Munich
  9. Hochschule Esslingen
  10. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Why these universities for mechanical engineering are so good?

Apprenticeship: This is a part of German Education System.

Subsidy: Government invests heavily and provides subsidies for carrying research and development.

Industry: Particularly auto industry rebranded itself as future thinking, hard working and modern, attracting diverse talent from the educational institutions.

Innovation: Fraunhover institutes bring new innovations to the market place.

What are the popular specializations available under Mechanical Engineering?

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Mechatronics
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Global Production Engineering
  • Combustion Engineering
  • Computational Engineering
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Production and Logistics Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Material Science
  • Computational Mechanics
  • Production System Engineering
  • Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering
  • International Production Management
  • Energy Systems
  • Thermodynamics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aerodynamics
  • System Design and Engineering

How do these universities generally assess the student’s profile?

In the University’s selection procedure, institutions of higher education may base their decision, alongside the degree of qualification, on additional selection criteria such as, for instance, weighted individual marks in the qualification for the chosen course of study which provide information on the applicant’s capability to study a specific subject, the result of a test to determine the applicant’s capability to study a specific subject, the type of vocational education and training or occupation, the result of a selection interview regarding the motivation for the chosen course of study, or a combination of these five criteria. In the selection decision, the degree of qualification for the course of study in question is of overriding importance.

Some successful profiles for MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

       Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – 69.8%

       12th – 84%

       10th – 90%

       IELTS – 7.5

       GRE – 305

       German Language – None

Work Experience – None

       Admissions into Kiel University for Masters in Material Science


       Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – 84.76%

              12th – 68%

              10th – 8.4 CGPA

              IELTS – 7.0

              GRE – 296

              German Language – A2 certified

              Work Experience – None

               Admissions into TU Hamburg for Masters in Mechatronics


            Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – 78%

            12th – 69.6%

            10th – 88.8%

            TOEFL – 104

            GRE – 304

            German Language – A1 Certified

            Work Experience – 1 year

Admissions to RWTH Aachen for Masters in Computer Aided and Production Engineering


            Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – 72%

            12th – 90%

            10th – 93%

            IELTS – 7.5

            GRE – 302

            German Language – A1 Certificate

     Work Experience – None

Admissions to RWTH Aachen for Masters in Computer Aided and Production Engineering


            Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – 8.03 CGPA

            12th – 86.33%

            10th – 89.76%

            IELTS – 6.5

     GRE – None

            German Language – A1 Certified

            Work Experience – None

            Admissions to TU Hamburg for Masters in Mechanical Engineering


            Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – 72.93%

            12th – 77.66%

            10th – 88.48%

            TOEFL – 89

            GRE – 288

            German Language – A1 Certified

            Work Experience – 2 years

            Admissions to Duisburg Essen for Masters in Computational Engineering


            Bachelors in Industrial Engineering Management – 7.68 CGPA

            12th – 85%

            10th – 85%

            TOEFL – 107

            GRE – 310

            German Language – A1 Certified

            Work Experience – 3 years

    Admissions to Kuhne Logistics University for Masters in Global Logistics     and Supply Chain Management


            Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering – 80.79%

            12th – 79.33%

            10th – 9.2 CGPA

            IELTS – 7.5

            GRE – 301

            German Language – A1 Certified

            Work Experience – 1 years

Admissions to RWTH Aachen for Masters in Productions System Engineering

       Admissions to FH Sudwestfalen for Masters in Systems Engineering


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