German Student Visa – Is it really difficult or easy?

German Student Visa – Is it really difficult or easy?

If you are an Indian and have applied to the universities in Germany and are awaiting your admission optimistically you must start your Visa process.

Is it a piece of cake or a herculean task?

Lets break down all the steps and analyze if it is really a complex task or a simple task:


  1. Documents Attestations/Certifications at the German Missions like Embassy or Consulate

You can directly walk into to the German Embassy in Delhi (Monday to Friday between 8.30 AM to 11.30 AM) or German Consulate General in Mumbai (Monday to Thursday 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM). Whereas, German Consulate General in Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata have to be booked an appointment online before you could visit the center in person.

Bangalore –

Chennai –

Kolkata –

Book an appointment based on the available date and time.

Our VERDICT – Simple Task


  1. Opening a Blocked Account


You can open blocked account in the following financial Institutions to cover your living expenses.

Kotak Mahindra Bank – Offline

Coracle – Online –

Deutsche Bank – Offline

Expatrio – Online –

Fintiba – Online – – home-offering

Kotak Mahindra Bank is an Indian bank and the process is offline and its pan India presence makes it easier for Indian clients to avail services. Perhaps, the executives can meet you in person and give you services at your door step, picking up necessary documents, giving Blocked Account statement at home etc.

Deutsche Bank is a German bank and the process is offline. Although it doesn’t have pan India presence for Indian clients but it has excellent support system in Germany. Any issues that you face after landing in Germany, the problems can be resolved at ease.

Expatrio is a digital relocation (German based) platform for students, workers and expatriates to study, work and live in Germany. They largely offer Blocked account and current account and secure German Insurances that would be valid thought out the country. They have extremely fast services and have been approved by German Federal foreign Office.

Fintiba offers digital solutions related to Insurance and Blocked account and various other services. They are technologically abreast in their field. They open blocked account in few minutes and they have mobile app to track your balance real time on the go. The company is German based and therefore anything you require after landing to Germany they could be of great help.

Coracle Offers German Blocked account within few minutes, they have minimal charges and offer free travel insurance. They have very simple process to apply and a website that is very user friendly.

Our VERDICT – Simple Task


  1. Schedule a Visa Appointment (German National Visa)

You must schedule an appointment for your German National Visa based on your location (Place of Residence). Failure to do so will lead to your appointment being cancelled and your application would not be accepted. At the reception of your German Mission (Consulate or Embassy), you will be asked for proof of residence and you are bound to oblige. German Missions hold a right to verify the habitual place of residence proof.

You can find the required information on this link

VFS Global has a landline number (022-67866013) that can be reached for further clarity. So, if you are booking visa slot via VFS, it is much easier than compared to the consulate general. Booking appointment at consulate general can be a tricky task. Other students often criticize the website because of the difficulty they face in booking the date and time as per their convenience and therefore it is recommended to book the visa slot as per your convenience no sooner you get admission from the university.

On the other hand, VFS gives you luxury to book the appointment on premium basis and give you quick services to book appointment and allows tracking your application and eventually receiving visa stamping.

Our VERDICT – Simple Task


  1. Documentation Checklist (German National Visa)

The documents mentioned in the checklist confuse the students sometimes. The two major areas students get confused are Financial Documents and Cover letter/Visa Application Form.

Financial documents arrangement is tedious task if you are showing your own funds, if it’s a loan approved it is less taxing. You need to make sure that you show means of subsistence and supporting documents while being in Germany.

Visa Application Form has questions that are simple to answer; there are videos on You Tube with detailed explanation of every question.

Cover Letter primarily must include the content pertaining to exact purpose and duration of stay. There are ample formats available on plethora of websites, you make sure you refer the right one and follow the lead.

Our VERDICT– Simple Task


  1. Biometric Photo Requirements

The dimensions and color specifications are mentioned clearly in this link

Alternatively, you can go to particular photo studios and ask them for the photographs as per the German Visa standards.

Our VERDICT – Simple Task


  1. The Demand Draft

The Demand draft must be from only and only nationalized bank. If the value/amount on demand drafts are incorrect your visa might be rejected and the Visa fee is non refundable at any cost.

In order to make the Demand Draft you need to have account in one of these nationalized banks, if you do not have the account you need to take help of someone who holds account in any of these nationalized banks. The DDs are not given against cash!

Make sure the DD has the payee name and payable at correctly printed as per the consulate/embassy you would be heading to. Lastly, your DD must not be older than 2 months.

Our VERDICT – Simple Task




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