In advance, the world education system is becoming more commercial to pursue higher education in abroad. In this situation, the Finnish government provides the free cost of higher education to both national and international students, regardless of nationality.

Finland has world-leading higher education system which offers English taught programs in bachelor’s, masters and doctorate degree in the country do not pay any tuitions fees regardless of their country. However, some of the postgraduate course might charge tuition fees for international students and especially for a doctorate degree, there are tuition fees. The country’s higher education is funded by the state through the Ministry of Education. So that international students can enrol in regular degree course without any tuition fees.

Point to note: As international students will no longer offer tuition-free education.

As an international student, there are certain required documents need to be submitted to enrol for free education in Finland universities. The required document might vary from country to country.

Here are the standard documents required by most of the Finish embassy around the world.

  • Admission letter from Finland universities
  • Four current photographs with white background
  • Passport valid required for at least 6 months
  • All record of academics certificates duly attested and should get verify with authorities
  • Personal Bank account statement which is available during your stay in Finland
  • Character certificate from your locality police station

There are few countries does not have a functional Finland embassy or consulate institution. In this case, the candidate needs to find out of Denmark or Sweden embassy in their home country if they are offering visa service for Finland. If not they have to go neighbouring county where you will present you your Finland visa application and also appear for a visa interview

There are certain proofs of funds for Finland student visa application Such as:

  • To apply a student’s visa to Finland you should have your own bank account
  • International students should provide at least 3 months bank statement
  • At least 3 months you should maintain one-year living cost in Finland in your bank account
  • You need to submit documents of your source of income coming from
  • The country visa offer might as you a few questions or during visa interview officer ask for proof of income.


Tuition fees free universities in Finland international students

The Finland universities are divided into 2 such universities and university of applied science. There are around 13 universities and 23 universities of applied science which offers English taught undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate degree programs without tuition fees and Almost all the public universities in the country offer higher education with no pay for both national and international students who are secure a place on merit.

The huge numbers of merit students are applying for free education in Finland.  So selection criteria are bit tough and based on merit. This creates good fame to Finnish universities for its academic excellence.

Here is a list of the university which offers programs with no pay tuition fees in Finland for International Students such as:

  1. University of Helsinki
  2. Abo Akademi University
  3. University of Turku
  4. University of Tampere
  5. University of Jyvaskyla
  6. University of Oulu
  7. University of Vaasa
  8. University of Lapland
  9. Aalto University
  10. University of Eastern Finland

Finland universities and universities of applied science provide scholarship opportunities for both national and international students who want to pursue their higher education in the country. Few scholarship programs that are mentioned below:

  • Scholarship for four-year Doctoral candidate positions from Aalto University for International Students.
  • Scholarship for a postdoctoral candidate from University of Helsinki
  • Scholarship for Postgraduate programs from University of Turku
  • Scholarship for Postgraduate programs from University of Jyvaskyla
  • Scholarship for Undergraduate programs from Arcada University of Applied Science
  • Scholarship for first-year degree students from Seinajoki University of Applied Sciences

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