Should I apply for master’s degree in CS in Canada and how I should do the same?  


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14/10/2019 11:12 am  


Canada has approximately 93 highly reputed universities. It has one of the most diverse educational systems, which has brought immense recognition globally. The tuition fee that a student has to pay is the lowest among all the English speaking nations. Also, it is considered to be the safest nation for students wherein they can enjoy a friendly and peaceful atmosphere to pursue their studies.

Applying to a university is like piece of cake. Just open any university's official website, search for Masters Portal, looks through the various specializations available, and select one, of your choice. Find the "program requirements/admission requirements",   See if you meet the requirements set by the university. If yes, apply to the same with the documents needed for that specific program. If no, look for another college and repeat the same process all over again.

PS: Few universities have explicitly mentioned "How to apply" - So, just follow the steps.

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