I scored 76 in TOEFL IBT 14, 19, 23, 20. Do I have to retake it? How can I boost my score to 100+ in 1 week?  


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17/10/2019 11:16 am  


Your score is undoubtedly less.

Boosting your scores from 76 to 100 may not be very challenging as it seem. Now that you have already attended once a real time test this time you would not be surprised looking at the pattern. You would have already understood the time frame too.
Few takeaway tips:

Reading: Start practicing reverse engineering - See the answers first and question yourself why is this the right answer? Do these circuses for 3 - 4 full length reading test (each consisting of 40-44 questions). Once you gain confidence practice 10 full tests at least (where you try finding answers by yourself and then you check your answers if they are right or wrong).

Listening: Initially just listen to the conversations and do not try answering. Check if you understand every word they speak. Then later, listen and jot down important points simultaneously, but still do not try answering the questions. Then eventually start listening, meanwhile jot down important points and then answer the questions.

Writing: Find out online what kind of independent writing questions do appear frequently? Then remember to deliver best essays possible.
The standard Essay format would be:
Introduction: Generic information about the topic(what you shall discuss in your following paragraphs) and your stand(whether you agree or disagree)
Body Paragraph 1: Reason 1 of your stand with better explanation and examples
Body Paragraph 2: Reason 2 of your with valid example.
Body Paragraph 3: Contrasting view with example.
Conclusion: Summary with no new information.


Start speaking in English as often as possible. Speak at moderate pace, high volume, watch your words. Use cohesive devices (linking words) to maintain coherence and cohesion throughout. If possible memorize few idioms and phrases (works like a charm).

Hope this helps 🙂 All the best mate...