What is the "total cost" of pursuing a Masters degree in the States for an International Student?  


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17/10/2019 5:37 am  

Studying In USA would not cost you anything less than 25Lakhs in Indian currency (Including Tuition fees & living expenses for 2 yrs) However, you are allowed to do part time jobs for limited hours which will perhaps help you to "support" your living expenses up to certain extent.

1. True, Public Varsities will be less expensive than Private ones.

2. Scholarships, is indeed difficult but not impossible, it can be provided if you are academically good, or if universities are heavily funded for their research.

If you cannot afford to study in USA, you have Europe (Germany, Sweden) as the next best option for your studies. The universities in Europe are not too behind in the race of world class education 🙂

All the best! 🙂