I am a 2nd year student from India studying in one of the NITs. How do I fund my studies for an MS in computer science at some good foreign universities?  


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16/10/2019 6:28 am  

Thanks for A2A...

Guess what?
You are not alone in the race of getting funded. 🙂
Be it smart, be it rich, be it poor, be it dumb (apologies for having used such word) everyone wants to get funded, so the real question is how?

The point here is people "want" to get funded, but do not actually know how it works. Most frequently students admit the fact that if their academics are poor they wouldn't get scholarships, Hence end up applying for education loan. No doubt it is one of the burdensome way but also the easiest way (if you have enough collateral) for getting funded. And if you don't want to take this burden, you need to maintain decent academics score, Write GRE & TOEFL before your 3rd year of engineering completes and apply for scholarship.

Surprisingly, there are ample amount of organisations which provide scholarships based on varied requirements. The only herculean task is you need to invest your time and understand how it works.

These are few links which provides Scholarships to Indian students for their higher education in USA.

- See more at:  http://www.wesstudentadvisor.org...

Last but not the least,

Scholarships in for USA

Keep referring these links. Make sure you apply to the right kind of scholarship before its deadline pass.

Hope it helps.