How hard/easy is it for me to get a scholarship for MS, and where?  


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16/10/2019 6:51 am  

Thanks for A2A.

You have got real good academic profile with extra ordinary certificates. 🙂
You can certainly apply to top ranked US universities which wouldn't mind giving you scholarship. Having such academics, if you make sure you get beyond 325 in GRE where in you score 165+ in quant & TOEFL 115+. You will double your chances of availing scholarships.

Now that being said, you will have to even apply for scholarships at the earliest so that you don't miss any opportunity. It is advised that you apply to US schools, coz Computer science is best in USA. And Post completion of your masters getting good job in Silicon Valley would be a piece of cake.

Hope this helps 🙂
All the best! 🙂