I have received admission for the MS in business analytics from Arizona State University. How are the job prospects for such a course?  


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17/10/2019 12:20 pm  

{{According to U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) data, employment of management analysts – including business analysts – is expected to soar in coming years. Job growth will occur as industry and government continue to demand the expertise of these professionals to improve performance. With this profession’s high earnings potential, competition for jobs should be strong. Business analysts with specialized experience or an advanced degree are likely to enjoy the best career prospects.

BLS reports for May 2009 showed that the median annual income for all management analysts, including business analysts, was $75,250. The middle 50% earned between $55,820 and $101,410. Salaries for the lowest 10% were around $42,550, while the highest 10% brought in upwards of $134,820. Recent bachelor’s graduates will usually start out toward the lower end of the range. The top salaries generally go to business analysts with extensive experience and advanced education. }}

The above information is taken from the other trusted source, thought it might help you. 

All in all a business analyst position may be a perfect fit for self-motivated individuals with extremely strong analytical skills. Other prominent qualities perhaps include excellent written and verbal communication skills coupled with the ability to work well with employees at all the levels of an organization.