How much does an Indian student earn on average in India after completing an MS in the US and decides to go back to work in India?  


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17/10/2019 12:15 pm  

I'm not too sure if i can answer your question with exact or tentative figures. But all i can say is, you will be valued a lot, Provided you have done your masters from a reputed university and the skill set you possess is in demand.

Indian Labour laws remain same to everyone irrespective of where you have graduated from. You are rewarded with hefty sum of salary only and only if you are worthy of it. Here in India, since the talent is found in abundance(considering the latest trend) it would be very easy for an employer to hire someone who has equal or slightly less capability as you have(for cost cutting reasons).

So If you are expecting some magic to happen and give you some huge sum of salary, just because you have a masters degree from USA. Then, Amigo, I must tell you it would be great if you burst that bubble as early as possible.

Cheers!! 🙂 All the best!