How can I improve my English communication and writing skills?  


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17/10/2019 10:26 am  


Best thing about you is, you already know where you are going wrong. How long would it take for you to fix it? Perhaps couple of months? If you do it religiously.

You know, undoubtedly books; movies; sitcoms & other stuffs mentioned by a lot of people here will certainly help you up to certain extent. But, what you really need is execution. In essence, you will find ample amount of books, blogs, movies etc, but what really matters is how you use them.

I loved the way Reeva explained you to follow few instructions. It’s needless to say, that if you follow those instructions well, it’ll help you tremendously. But I'd like to just add one more point to it, & that is persistent practise coupled with not giving up attitude.

Hope this helps.