Do backlogs actually matter for abroad education? Will backlogs spoil my dreams and plans of abroad education? Do backlogs affect my visa process? Blah, blah, blah…., are eating up your mind?

They are the right questions at this right time of planning for abroad education!!

But where can you find the right answers for all this? Nowhere else than here!

Yes! Here you will be informed about the chances of you getting into abroad universities for your higher education in spite of your backlogs, countries that are strict with backlogs, countries that are lenient with your backlogs, what other things matter in spite of your backlogs to get admitted into a university, etc, etc, will be answered here!

Go ahead and find a way!


What is a backlog?

Is that the number of attempts or the number of failed subjects?

There was always a misconception about backlogs; backlogs typically mean subjects in which a candidate did not pass and has to pass to get a degree. But most often students get confused with the number of attempts made to clear the subject exam and the number of subjects to be cleared.

So, Number of Backlogs = Number of failed subjects.

How Does It Matter?

A backlog is like a black mark on one’s academic profile. Practically it is quite impossible to start a new course, especially in Overseas University without completing the past course, as universities abroad prefer clear academic profiles.

But luckily some universities accept applications from students who have a history of backlogs and also give admission to the students with backlogs on the condition that the student seeking admission in their university should clear the backlogs & join their course.

Where It Does And Where It Doesn’t Matter?

Eligibility criteria for studying abroad vary widely in different countries. Whether backlogs matters or not entirely depends upon the region you choose to study in.

Before we go further to discuss on the countries that accept backlogs and the countries that do not let us be sure of one thing, every college, both national & international wants to select the best candidates.

So, what should you as a student should know is what makes your profile strong. There are a number of universities that admit average profile students if they found them suitable for the courses they offer.

Universities or colleges that accept average candidates have some of the other selection criteria for the evaluation of profiles. Some of them look for clear academic records with no scope for backlogs, some for the recent scores in the standardized exams such as GMAT, GRE, IELTS, SAT, PTE, TOEFL, & ACT, etc. Another criterion is curricular and non-curricular achievements.

Here It Really Matters!

In some of the most popular and highly regarded countries for study abroad, programs backlogs are strictly considered for admissions, the universities of these countries demand the best profiles.

  1. The United States of America (USA)

The USA has a stated policy of not accepting students with backlogs. Yes! Most of US universities prefer students with no backlogs.

But in certain circumstances, they do accept students with a minimum of 5 and less than 8 backlogs. This concession is made strictly if the candidate has a strong academic profile and or a good GRE score (i.e. 315 to 325).

Students with more than 10 or 12 should do thorough research before applying to any US universities. Such students may be granted admissions on the basis of discretion of universities.

  1. Canada

Canadian universities accept a maximum of 5 backlogs only with the stipulation of a minimum of 70% in UG. There are certain universities which accept students even with 7 – 8 backlogs for PG programs but with a minimum of 65% in UG. And the universities expect a score of over 6.0 in IELTS.

Students with a higher number of backlogs are granted admissions on the basis of the case – case.


  1. Australia

Most of the private universities of Australia consider students with less than 8 backlogs whereas the best universities and or the Go8 universities accept students with less than 4 or 2 backlogs.

Students with 8 & more backlogs have higher chances of being selected in the non-private colleges or universities of Australia.

It is important to note that Australian universities take the count of a number of attempts made to clear the exam of one particular subject.

  1. Germany

Universities of Germany tend to follow strict guidelines towards accepting the students with backlogs. From universities not allowing more than 5 backlogs to, the most renowned ones not accepting students with backlogs at all are found in Germany.

German universities also count the repetition of the backlogs i.e., the number of attempts made in order to clear the single backlog, in the profile.

  1. Ireland

Some of the Universities of Ireland accept students with a maximum of 5 backlogs while the prestigious institutions do not accept students with more than 2-3 backlogs.

Here It Actually Does Not Matter!

Though the most popular study abroad destinations, some of the countries do not have very strict selection criteria for a profile evaluation in terms of backlogs. The reasons are that they do consider other aspects of the profile and have the different criterion of selection.

  1. United Kingdom

The UK, the most lenient country in terms of accepting students with backlogs, accepts students with as many as 15 backlogs. But however, make sure to improve your standardized test score, you should have at least 6.0 in your IELTS and a good GRE score, as the universities of UK do consider them in spite of your backlogs and it increases your chances of being accepted.

But keep in mind some of the influential universities of the UK do not have any scope for applicants with backlogs, in spite of an outstanding IELTS or GRE scores.

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is also very lenient when it comes to backlogs. Universities of New Zealand accept students with not more than 5 backlogs, while the private universities or institutions consider the applications of students even with 15 backlogs, only if the rest of profile of the student is excellent that is with a minimum of 6.5 of IELTS score and a good list of extracurricular activities along with research projects.

Here We Go With Some Advice!

Of course, backlogs are really problematic in terms of education, both national and international. But when there is no other go, as whatever is happened happens, we shall only try to correct them in spite of worrying over them. Here are the few things that you could consider doing:

  • Research on the availability of different options for you with backlogs. Check with the university prospectus and learn about their selection norms regarding backlogs.
  • Work on to improve your standardized test scores, get a really high score on GRE, GMAT, IELTS, etc, as they increase the chances of getting into your dream universities in spite of the backlogs.
  • Reach out to the universities you are interested to study in regard to your backlogs, explain the reason for having backlogs, most of the universities will appreciate this.
  • Not every university give much consideration to your academics and academic failures, most of them consider your overall personality, with respect to your active participation in extracurricular activities and other non-academic achievements, add them in your profile.
  • Your research projects, work experiences, internships, training certifications, etc can recompense your backlogs.


  • PLEASE NOTE: Universities that accept more than 15 backlogs may & in some cases will surely demand a higher tuition fee.

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