About Us

We are Foreign Education stalwarts having 50+ years of industrial experience collectively. We are First Gen Consultants confluencing our passion in mentoring and guiding students to take right decisions in their life.

We are driven to provide solutions to every student who seeks such information, not just that we will try and understand your concerns and help you based on the limitation that you have using technology. We have few extra ordinary suggestions that would not only define your odds to succeed in receiving admission but also guide you step by step to amplify chances to get admissions.


“To empower all students aspiring for their higher education, by guiding them to make right decisions via State of the Art Technology”


  • Liberating students to make decisions with their free will.
  • Make students know their possibility to get admissions into their dream university and encourage them to take calculated risks via incredible technology.
  • Assist students to build profile and amplify chances of getting admissions into their dream universities.
  • Keeping the database of all the educational institutes (universities /colleges) abreast with latest updates real time.
  • Foster students to compare and contrast and guide them to make right decision.
  • Create a fraternity (forum) to help students each other.
  • Building a world-class – small yet powerful team – to help students make better educational decisions.

Core Values

  1. Inspire others by being positive
  • A positive, Can-Do attitude is contagious. Believing in our own abilities and spreading the attitude to help each other during the needy hours.
  1. Team Work

Unity in Diversity – We speak many languages and that unites us with the diversity and strives to work with each other for Excellency. Individually we are Hercules and may be Bheem but together we are stronger than nuclear force.

  1. Self Improvement
  • We believe in every phase of life, we get to learn our lessons – either through experiences or by going through transformational sessions. We give emphasis to work towards unleashing growth everyday.
  1. Practice emotional Intelligence
  • We do everything to quench emotional thirst. We build things beyond our understanding to empathize with students’ pain points. Thus, we work not just to find convenient solutions but rather the best solutions.
  1. Strong urge to pursue excellence
  • We are not happy with mere ‘good’ or even ‘great’ for that matter. We want to be the best in everything we wish our users to experience so that every user gets the best as they deserve. (Period!)
  1. Do more with less

We do not want 1000 members in our team to solve million people’ problems. We are intrinsic, creative & comprehensive problem solvers who wouldn’t give up. No matter the circumstances we go above & beyond to achieve our goals in most efficient & resourceful way possible.

  1. Be naïve & ask questions
  • Being naïve makes us ask stupid questions. Sometimes, asking stupid & silly questions trigger craziest ideas. Asking questions can produce two outcomes – one that amplifies wisdom – other allows to access information from another dimension. Eventually that leads to innovation.
  1. Resonate passion

Being passionate fosters us to walk an extra mile. We love what we do; Everyone have found our epiphany in serving the deserving.

Our Team